Placeholder, eh? I've had worse.
— Mydra, founder of the Embers.

The Black Embers; a mercenary group free of any one government, of any prejudices, bias, and xenophobic tendencies.

Bounty Hunters and Soldiers of Fortune, the Black Embers are slaves, rebels, loyalists, and oddities bound by together by a common goal and ideal; fortune, glory, and the greater good. Idealistic and small, they're more a strike team than a full-on gang, numbering at just a few - but through organized chaos and passion, they more than compensate in firepower.




  • Mydra - Founder and de facto leader. Former Irken Elite.
  • Zep - A more rebellious and spontaneous Irken with a hot streak.
  • Javz'Dar - A freed Vortian warrior with a grudge against Irkens - save for Myd.
  • Ka'larr - Aggressively simple Planet Jacker female with a taste for combat and general ignorance of all else.
  • Guar - A diminutive schemer of a Jacker, with an eye for profit and a nose for danger.
  • Sel'Puh - A humble, quiet Gruis with a knack for actually doing what he's told.
  • Gleese - One of the few surviving members of the Slaughtering Rat People. Questionable sentience.
  • Dennab - A small blob-man responsible for finances.


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