Categorizing is the process in which a user organizes articles by marking them with categories.

Without categories, pages can be pretty hard to find, and it lowers the standards of the wiki as we get more of those. The same can be said for incorrectly categorized articles and half-categorized articles. Thus, the categorizing tab in the navigation header was born, and it should at least get you started in the right direction when categorizing.

Categorizing Characters

See also: Character Categories.

When making a character page, there are four (or five) big things to consider. Those are:

  • Status (Are they dead or alive?)
  • Alignment (Are they pro-empire, neutral, a hostile, or what?)
  • Jobs (Are they another Invader, or are they something else, like a Mechanic or normal Soldier?)
  • Basic Character Traits (Male, Female, Irken or not, etcetera) plus 'Main Character' or 'Side Character'.

Status is self explanatory; it helps track both the living and the dead.

Alignment isn't 'good' or 'evil', in this case, and instead refers to the political alignment of the character (Loyalists, Hostiles, Allies, Rebels, or Pro-Empire Rebels or something).

Jobs are self explanatory.

Basic Character Traits is where it can get a bit messy, but as long as you can decide things like 'man', 'woman', 'Irken', etcetera, you should be fine - and it should be easy to decide what character you mainly focus on, and what ones you really don't.

Note, unless you're making the page of a Canon Character for whatever reason, your character canonicity will be 'Fanon' unless they themselves are non-canon in your continuity.

For example, say you have an Irken Elite named Bob, someone you just made up on the side. He's a dutiful, loyal soldier, if a bit defective, and is currently alive in your continuity. His categories would be:

  • Fanmade = Fanon category
  • Male Irken, side character = Males, Irkens, Minor Character + Characters categories
  • Elite = Soldier, Elite categories
  • Alive, Defective = Alive, Defective (not complicated)
  • Loyal Irken soldier = Loyalists category

On the other hand, you'd have, say, a Vortian Pirate named Jim'Kirr. He's your main character, and a strong anti-Empire figure, rebelling against it - but he went missing in his last escapade.

  • Fanmade = Fanon
  • Male Vortian, Main Character = Males, Vortians, Main Character + Characters
  • Pirate = Pirate, Rogue
  • Missing = Unknown
  • Hostile Rebel = Hostile, Rebels

Not yet complete!