Primarily found at a certain Apartment complex, Clod is a janitor, and a rather unfortunate one at that. Usually serving as the punchline to cruel or just plain stupid jokes, particularly regarding his name, and it's lead him to be rather bitter towards other people in general. Of course, it doesn't help that many less-than-intelligent individuals tend to make his job especially annoying.

He tends to get horribly mistreated by the Apartment residents (barring the few nice ones) and the land lord in particular antagonizes him for no real reason, blaming him and docking his pay for incidents he had absolutely nothing to do with.

As far as less mundane things go, he tends to join in criminal escapades with Zav and Noz, both of whom being the closest thing he's ever had to friends. 


Clod, generally speaking, tends to act selfish and lazy, and most of all, very easily irritable when it comes to jokes at his expense. These traits seem to trace back to the humilation he faced most of his life, with him not exactly having much of a spirt anymore. He usually tends to be rather complaintive and whiney outside of that. 

He does have something of a soft side, usually reserved for if he's in a good mood-and that's rare. 



Clod has a slightly better relationship with Zav than he does most, mainly because of Zav simply treating him better than others. It's not clear when they became invovled with each other but they do seem to have some kind of history.


Another person Clod is somewhat friendly with. Somewhat. 


What with him looking to be the sad janitor with no friends, Pez couldn't help but pity him, and as such has tried to befirend Clod repeatedly in an attempt to make him feel better. Of course, with them having little in common, Clod never really enjoyed her company. Pez is determined to change that though.