Eyeball Guy is a mysterious otherwordly being who resembles a giant, disembodied human eye. He is capable of watching over the entirety of Z14 and seems to be a sort of reality warper, casually changing events and the fate of others at will. Out of boredom, he uses these powers to grant "wishes" to any lower being who happens to encounter Eyeball Guy. One wishing to take advantage of this can summon him by lighting a pair of glasses on fire.


However, for a god-like being Eyeball Guy has an extremely laid back and lazy personality, meaning any use of his powers usually does not go as intended due to his incompetence. He can be serious, but usually only if the fate of the entire universe is at stake, and even then he's not much help.

Eyeball Guy also finds it hillarious whenever his wishes go wrong, implying he may be intentonally messing them up.


  • While otherwise nearly invincible, things eyes are usually sensitive too such as lemon juice are known to be an instant weakness for him. 




  • He is inspired by Prismo of Adventure Time 
  • Due to Lurk quitting, he was regulated to being more of a random joke character.