An Irken Elite belonging to Mie's squad, Fenc is known for her specialty in fire-based weaponry, and how much she enjoys using it. Given her behavior, her sheer agressiveness clearly shows how Fenc managed to rise to elite status.


Fenc very much displays an uppity sort of attitude-fierce, impatient, and even slightly sadistic (as she enjoys burning flesh a little too much.) She goes by her own rules and and tends to follow the policy of "shoot first, ask questions later," even when it might seem slightly irrational. Unfortunately, this does lead to the ocassional conflict with her rather strict commander, though her skill makes it seem more than worth keeping her around. She's also show herself to be a bit of a thrillseeker, what with how much she enjoys the more action-filled scenarios.

Above all, Fenc is not modest in the slightest, with her overconfidence being both a problem and a boost from time to time. Combined with her competetive tendencies, rivalries tend to form fairly easily for her, though Fenc does at least get along somewhat well with her comrades.



Never one to overtly respect authority, Mie finds herself often having to restrain the rather impulsive Irken. 

Of course, as far as respecting authority goes, Mie is a bit of an exception for Fenc; apparently at some point Mie took her in when she had somehow gotten in deep trouble. Though this was much more for pragmatic reasons (Mie saw potential in her) it earned a bit of Fenc's loyalty and gratitude.