-As per Imperial Regulations, I hereby sentence your wretched hide to immediate termination. One way or another, you will know the ruthless mercy of our Empire... For you deserve far, far worse than this quick path to oblivion.
— Inquisitor Halc, performing a summary execution.
Inquisitor Halc | Halcyon
Biographical information





600+ Standard Years.


Eval-Force Inquisitor.



Physical description


Eye Color



9'0" | 9 feet.


Facial scar, missing eye and antennae. Near-tallest. Shrapnel in skull.

Additional information

'Ordo' Particle Halberd; Codebreaker Pistol.


Inquisitor's armor suite, Tallest-Issue.


The Irken Empire.

Notable Facts

Superior officer and Overseer of Skabb.

First Appearance


With a harsh tongue and an iron fist, Inquisitor Halc is among the most distinguished and strictest of the Adjucators - and with good reason.

Mentor of Skabb, former handler of Talbolt, and one of the next in line for succession to the place of Almighty Tallest, the authority of the Inquisitor is to be underestimated at your own risk.


Rather old and grizzled, even for an Irken, Inquisitor Halc is one of the more powerful men within the upper echelons of the Imperial government.

A rigid, even harsh adherent to the codes that define Irken society, Halc is essentially the embodiment of the Empire's xenophobic and outright intolerant tendencies, with a zeal unseen in any of his younger contemporaries. The will of the Tallest and the Control Brains made manifest, as an Inquisitor, Halc could be called a policeman, of sorts.

If policemen had the authority to do anything and everything they saw fit to push compliance upon the citizens of the Irken Empire, and bringing it's mercy upon others - that is, to say, everything from summary executions to the outright purge and annihilation of entire worlds.

As an Inquisitor, such is his job; to root out treason and disloyalty within the ranks of the Empire, directing the men under his command in the Irken Eval-Force such as Adjucator Skabb. Not from behind a desk, either; often, when his personal interest is piqued, Halc himself has been known to charge into the field - and over the past five to seven centuries, he's gladly paid the price more than once for his zeal.

Purging foul aliens, mutants, and defectives alike, his zeal, combined with his strict nature, make him among the strongest bastions of Irkens dedicated to the preservation of the Empire's conquering spirit. His beliefs in absolute conformity, coupled with his rank and near-tallest height garner him much power - even beyond the ranks of the Eval-Force.

However, with such an extreme and strict man, there will always be someone in opposition, even among their students. Having mentored many dutiful agents of the Empire, such as the earlier-mentioned Skabb, Halc has also raised up some of the more controversial individuals in the empire, such as the former Irken Elite turned Bartender, Talbolt, and is himself a target of criticism from more liberal citizens and officials.

Granted, they usually go silent before they're a real problem.

Strict, powerful, and zealous sums up this hardline loyalist warrior easily.










Other Facts

  • Halc's halberd, 'Ordo' is among various references to Warhammer 40,000; specifically, the Imperium of Man's Holy Inquisition, divided up into a few different Ordos, such as Ordo Xenos, or Ordo Malleus.
    • Halc's job is 'heavily inspired' by the 40k Inquisitor type in general.

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