Jaz is a semi-sucessful freelance engineer, known little to others due to her generally antisocial and reclusive nature. To her customers, she comes off as impatient and ill-tempered, if still generally polite and sensible. Her rather low amount of friends and tenuous will to make more means she generally remains a mystery to most.


Jaz, as mentioned previously, tends to be fairly impatient and easily angered, especially having little tolerance for those she finds annoying. 

Even to those she does like, Jaz is rarely willing to open up, and is very introverted by default. The nature of this stems from a traumatic loss at some point in her life, most getting little insight on this outside of her "having bad luck with friends." Either way, she seems to have developed a fear of loss from it.

Of course, she's much more affectionate and patient with those who manage to get close to her, if still not exactly an open book. Deep down, Jaz does seem to want to have friends again, and is more too afraid to actively seek them out.


Jaz has a fondness for anything that won't necassarily get in the way of her work, such as books and somewhat less prominently, comics. She usually sees these things as merely a way to fill time and rarely seeks out actual entertainment for the sake of it.

Also in relation to her work, Jaz ha an affinity for cofee, as it allows her to be productive for much longer without rest. Not healthy, but efficient. 

Appearences (As of Now) 

Undetermined Season

  • Unamed BLU RP




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