Mie, known for her loyalist and generally strict tendencies, is a commander of a small team of Irken Elites. Ruthless and unmerciful during her time as an Elite and throughout training, she got far on the basis that she simply refused not to. Her effort, for the most part, did end up paying off, even if it meant changing herself quite a bit. 


What becomes clear about Mie more than anything is how she seems to value her job and role in the military more than anything else, often showing little to no care for things unrelated to it. Mie, of course, sees nothing wrong with this kind of attitude, arguing that her part in the Irken military is simply her purpose. Unforunately, this leads her to have little hesitance in sacrificing things that don't help with it's various goals. 

For all of her strict behavior, one wouldn't expect Mie to be as calm and collected as she is, showing almost no emotion on a surface level-though it's usually clear how she feels regardless. The point where Mie is driven to outwardly 'express her feelings,' of course, is dreaded by those who work with her. 

One unique trait about Mie is that while she does hold Irken beliefs in high regard, she generally only personally deals with it when she finds it pragmatic, and will feign ignorance if someone skilled in her squad happens to display unusual behavior-although Mie does seem to harbor a fairly strong dislike towards "nice" Irkens, or those "too soft" as she calls them. While not untraditional, this seems to stem from a bias from when she herself was closer to this type.



An Elite whom she apparently saved from some sort of trouble while young. While Fenc seems to value her commander, Mie is indifferent. 


Another Elite under her commander, who she keeps a close eye on due to his teneous following of the law. Notably, they did have a rather close relationship in training years, which faded as Mie grew into a strict loyalist. Zav, of course, loves to reference this from time to time, much to her chagrin.