They said, "we don't NEED a medic, you can just go." Well when the tentacles come back, they can't come cryin' to me."
— Noz describing how she was relieved from a military squad.

Noz is a semi-unofficial medical Irken, who mostly works off of self-advetrised services, held within her "clinic" (a shady building that apparently isn't actually owned by her) or saving those in critical condtion and billing them later, though whether they actually end up paying her back varies.

One thing that's clear to those who require her services, of course, is that she has a flew screws loose-outside of a few nonsensical rambles and her interest in strange things, she seems to almost totally lack rationality, performing obvious dangerous procedures and apparently, even attempting Pak surgery at one point. Though, she she puts it, her "victim count" isn't actually that high.

Despite the obvious problems, Noz does make a decent profit out of this, considering it happens to be much cheaper than any real Irken medical service. She also tends to join Zav and his 'friends' on their crime-related adventures, though naturally there's less healing invovled. Apparently, she was a part of Mie's squad at one point, her knowing him being linked to this.


Noz is best described as having a few screws loose, what with her aformentioned interest in odd things, and lack of rationality. However, she's surprisingly kind, and tends to treat those she considers on her side fairly well. Of course, those not on her side don't exactly recieve special treatment.Despite her rather odd tendencies, she can be surpisingly competent, especially regarding her skill in the medical field-even if her methods can be pretty questionable.

Noz is also a big fan of horror movies, and has learned a couple of alien languages out of sheer boredom. She also enjoys drawing, with her usually making very disturbing (albeit detailed) illustrations.



Apparently someone she's known for a while, though their relatinship only seems partially friendly. 


  • Noz is inspired by Koishi Komeji of the Touhou Project series, but mainly her from Koishi Komeji's Heart Throbbing Adventure.