Planet Blaarg is a rather infamous planet found in the Oezerian galaxy, known for it's incredibly annoying squidlike inhabitants who spend their time forcing nonsensical beliefs onto everyone, and becoming violent with those who disagree-which happens to be pretty much everyone. As such, they're pretty much treated as the black sheep of space civilzations among those who know they exist. 

Ironically, despite it's inhabitants being fish like, the planet itself appears to be rather desertlike. As such, resoucres can be fairly limitied from time to time, and they usually come up with incredibly stupid solutions to this problem.



Blaargians have a bizzare fixation on the made up word "Blaarg," and they base many of their laws on it;  Above all, not using it at least once in a conversation is punishable by death. They hate any aliens who don't use it by default, despite them having no way of knowing of it's percieved significance to them. 

The main religeous practice of Blaargians is based around worshipping top hats, spending much of their time worshipping them in hat churches. Many different religeons spun off from this based around other forms of hats, but fierce rivalries have formed over the different belief systems, often to the point of violent wars.

Some time during early modern Blaargian society, there was a dispute over whether Blaarg should be spelt "Blaarg" or "Blargh." The disagreement was so violent that they split into seperate societites on the same planet, leading the ladder to declare themselves the "Blarghians." Years later, sick of the heretics, the Blaargian Emperor Blaarghnald Blarg decided to build a forcefield around Blaargian civilazation to keep them out.


Blaargians schools essentially resemble prisons, with all Blaargian children being forced to remain in the building by laser-wielding guards. Early on, Blaargians are taught the importance of worshipping the tophat god and constantly using the word Blaarg. Anyone who questions these teachings are immediatly disintergrated by lasers mounted into the classroom. If a single student fails the annual "Blaargh Final," the teacher will be immediatly 'disposed of' and replaced with a new one.

The food served is mostly left overs found in trash cans, labelled as "Whole-Blaarg Diet Food." 


The Blaargians have many bizzare and useless laws, such as: 

  • No following the speed limit exactly. (Going over or under it is okay, apparently.) 
  • No destroying or throwing away tophats.
  • No not saying Blaarg. (Primary law, punishable by death) 
  • No sucking on popsicles after 8:30 pm. 
  • No dancing in public after dark.


For some reason, the Blaargians love to steal concepts from alien races, and simply add "Blaarg" into the title. They have done this for restraunts, stores, activities, etc, to the point where their entire planet resembles a poor knockoff of everything else.