Shloorb is a mysterious alien who lies dormant within a device attached to Zep's arm. He was placed there when curious scientists wanted to test the effects of his seemingly parasitic nature without actually killing the test subject. Ironically, Shloorb played a large role in Zep's escape of the facility, and helped her murder many of the scientists in the facility. 

Because neither of them have found a way to detach him from her, he continues to unwillingly join Zep on her various adventures.


Shloorb is generally lazy and uncaring, only really seeming to care in situations that could possibly get him killed. He also seems to manipulate Zep for his own wants from time to time, though what those are exactly is anyone's guess. 



Zep hates Shloorb for often being obnoxiously and useless, making a point of how she would easily get rid of him if she had the opputurnity. Shloorb tends to return these feelings, often making snarky comments at her expense.


  • Much like Zep, he was salvaged from a terrible old concept.

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