The Engimas are a mysterious group of hitmen infamous to those who encounter them. All of them are known for being ruthless and having little to no moral restraints, as well as being relentless in whatever job they've currently been given. While their motivations are, for the most part, ambigous, most of their members seem to mainly strive for personal gain, at least when it comes to the few mentally hinged enough to have a clear goal. Said members vary wildly, ranging from strange aliens to clearly otherwordly creatures.

It seems to have been brought together and is currently lead by Tyron, who is feared by even the most dangerous assasins in the group.


  • Tyron-Founder and Leader.
  • Tix-Finance handler and secretary known for her greedy and manipulative tendencies. 
  • Rafflesion-Mentally deranged alien known for demanding his victims not step on his lawn.
  • F12-Robotic advertising mascot reprogrammed for murderous intent.




The origins of The Enigmas are surounded in mystery for the most part. It is known that Tyron organized the group at an unknown time, and it's members have slowly come along over time. They also may have been active for at least fifty years, as that is how long their existence has been known in Z-14.