Note: This character is being entirely revamped, and this page is currently outdated

I could ask you the same question, could I not? The dawn of mystery is hung against us both, above the limelight.
— Tilex in Hideously Idiotic Heist, making no sense as usual.

Tilex is, quite frankly, a rather insane rogue irken, as well as a former loony bin resident. He spends most of his time completing odd goals that usuallyonly make sense to him, even if he does have odd moments of clarity left, such as his now-fufilled desire for revenge on Vass. His life gained slightly more direction after becoming a henchment to Nightmare Lurk, but needless to say, it didn't exactly help much.


Trying to understand Tilex's motives, or often even what he's trying to is often difficult, if not impossible. For whatever reason, he seems to speak in a broken combination of normal english and middle age dialect, often causing him to simply make no sense. From what can be understood about him, he seems to be sadistic and vengeful under his goofy exterior-along with having a surprising understanding of risk. 



If there's one thing Tilex can clearly remember, it's his passionate hatred and desire for vengence on the scientist Irken-even if he's not sure exactly why. Eventually, Tilex did get his revenge via a deal with a certain someone, fufilling his main motivation.

Nightmare Lurk 

Although submissive to his demands for the most, Tilex seems to agree with Zathar over him being seen as a detestable leader. Why he feels this way, of course, is anyone's guess.