Aww, you want to save your little girlfriend, how adorable! But sweetie, I'm afraid we don't always get what we want.
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Tyron is a hitman of mysterious origin who is known for having succesfully commited at least 30 murders across the

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Irken Empire, along with an unknown amount regarding other species. Little is known by those who have encountered her, outside of her supposedly being female and vaguely resembling an Irken. Despite this, she is regarded as being extremely dangerous, considering the known amount of succcesful murders she's completed. She is the unofficial leader of the dangerous group of hitmen known as the Enigmas, ruling through both intimidation and reputation. 

She is also capable of shapeshifting into almost anything (Though she isn't perfectly adept at imitating others) and frequently warps her appearence in unsettling ways in order to disturb others.


Little to nothing is known about where Tyron came from and her past, outside of her simply appearing in Z-14 one day, though this is doubtlessley not the first dimension she travelled to. Many dimensional travellers claim to have seen her at least once, but no information is documented or proven. 


Tyron tends to show incredibly sadistic and violent tendencies, unrelenting in her savage goals. Even so, she is disturbingly affable towards her victims, even as they are about to die, though she will sometimes drop this act if she is absolutely obstructed from finishing her mission. 

Although it's unclear how she became this way, she mentions that her tendency towards violence started as a survival mechanism, possibly implying that her homeworld was very bad. While she seems to lack a moral barrier, she also seems to not consider any of her heinous actions outright immoral, arguing that it is simply in everything's nature to end, and that prolonging this existence only leads to suffering. 

Regardless, she really enjoys the suffering of others.



Though the nature of their past together is unclear, Tyron seems to have known her for quite a long time, and seems to know more about Tix's past than anyone else. Despite this, she doesn't show any real favoritism compared to the rest of the group. 


  • She was primarily inspired by Nui of Kill la Kill, and Flowey of Undertale.
  • Apparently, she owns a mutant squid monster deep within the ship, which she feeds coprses to.


The eye? I have it right here.
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When the stars align properly, there will be nothing left. It'll be so much fun!
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Roleplay Appearences 

Not yet, planned to debut around Season Five 


03 - Corpses - The Binding of Isaac Godmode Official OST

03 - Corpses - The Binding of Isaac Godmode Official OST

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Undertale - Your Best Nightmare (Orchestra & Choir Remix Arrange)

Undertale - Your Best Nightmare (Orchestra & Choir Remix Arrange)

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Chest Battle Theme Ascension - Extended - The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Musik

Chest Battle Theme Ascension - Extended - The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Musik

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