Val is an Irken Scientist who specializes in and almost exclusively works with advanced technology, willfully 

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Irken Empire(formerly), Vass

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somewhat ignoring other subjects unless required to use them. Considering he had dedicated more or less his entire life to this particular skill, he did end up being rather good at it, reaching a point where he can code simple programs in only a few minutes, if even that.

He was a partner of Vass before he passed and the former mentor-type of Jaz. He ran into an inconvienience when Vass was mysteriously murdered, and while he initintially simply continued his work in what used to be his lab, he eventually went totally off the radar, with no one exactly knowing where he might've went. Of course, it helped that most of his associates were long gone by then.


Val had spent most of his life isolated from social interaction, with his trainers being the only ones he interacted with-and he wasn't particularly talkative to them. He attempted to use a S.I.R unit he restored himself to understand the concept of friendship better, but it didn't seem to help.

He willfully spends most of his life as such, only socializing in impartial conversations with his co-workers. Outside of that, he has always been extremely calm and softspoken, any emotion he might have being difficult to identify. Despite that, he isn't overly polite, having no problem dishing out insults.

Even with his calm demeanor, he lacks a moral compass, having no guilt in anything that will progress his work. 


  • Originally Val had terrible tech-induced powers, which could hijack robots and perform other nonsense abilities. 

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