Do you think I care about those meatsacks?
— Vass on someone's head being inflated to the size of a yogaball.
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Irken Empire

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Hideously Idiotic Heist


Vass is an Irken scientist known primarily for his consistent use of live, sentient test subjects, with him showing little regard for the safety of those given to him. To the scientist's credit, most of his more unscrupulous deeds were simply the orders he was given, but this still gives an air of caution-to the few who have ever met the reclusive man, that is. 

Vass perished as of Hideously Idiotic Heist, and is currently an undead corpse controlled by Isosceles.


As one might expect from someone who works on live test subjects, Vass generally has a very cold and uncaring demeanor, which often borders into egotism at times-what with how much he values his safety and interests over others. This can often veer into outright sadism, with the kind of sick experiments he performs often being motivated by sheer curiousity. 

On the other hand, one wouldn't guess any of this with how he presented himself-showing a polite, affable, and generally collected persona to the few he interacts with. Even then, his prideful and selfish tendencies could often show through. 

Another note is that, he seemed to have a deep fear of death, constantly shielding his labaratory from intruders and performing futile experiments on already dead Irkens (They did 'come back', but not exactly in a preferrable way) and cloning himself as a precaution, with only one clone being fully succesful. Considering what happened to him, this may not have been entirely unjustified. 

Roleplay Appearences 

Season Three

  • Hideously Idiotic Heist (Cameo) 
  • Diamond In The Mirror (Cameo) 

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