Zav's Crime Squad is an unnamed, unorganized group of individuals partially lead by Zav. They do not have a moral motivation, clear goal, or any sort of real system of ethics; They simply come together by desire or need for money, or in some cases, the thrill of getting to fight stuff. Whether their wants are fufilled however, tends to vary, and the various schemes they come up with often just end up getting them into trouble.

The empire does not seem to have caught to their anitcs, nor has any sort of law enforcement, despite one of their members being a part of the military. This is mainly explained by their actions having very little impact, if any at all. Due to the unorganized nature of the group, the team tends to shift, wtih only a few being consistent members.

It is suggested that they are actually a small part of a largre crime group, and are actually one of the smaller and less respected divisions of it.